Here you can learn more about HOW TO DOWNLOAD the necessary to incorporate project WorkVR in your education.

Below are two buttons that will take you to a Google Drive folder. If in doubt, what the video tutorial “How to download the game”.

What should I do?

  • This is a step by step on how to start with VR and WorkVR. Below are videos explaining what to do in a deeper detail.
  • Step 1: Download the game for your VR Equipment (either HTC or Oculus)
  • Step 2: Follow instruction video on how to install the Game "How Download and Install WorkVR" in the videos below:
  • Step 3: Download Steam and make a steam account "How to Download and Install Steam"
  • Step 4: Set up VR space in steam VR "Walkthrough of SteamVR and HTC Vive's room scale setup"
  • Step 5: Follow the video "How to start WorkVR" and start your VR experience
  • If you have trouble completing the VR experience, Follow the tutorial videos below

How to Download and Start the WorkVR Virtuality Experience

Steam Download tutorial video and Room Set-Up tutorial video

Tutorial videos for WorkVR

Health Care - Elderly care

Construction - Bricklayer, Electrician, Plumber

Service - Work in a Hotel West Wanatu Resort

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